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2 commentaires sur “Aux membres de l’organisation

  • mike rivett

    Can i enter the rally as i am English
    Can i enter the rally in a 1948 Landrover ?
    What modification do i need to do ?
    Do i need an msa License
    I have done tout terrain 4×4 championship in the past
    Thankyou mike

    • Ptxo Auteur de l’article

      Hello Mike,
      we would be pleased to have English folks on this event !
      You need no racing licence, as Cimes l’Historique is not a race. It is a trip across the Basque Country, driving on ancient stages of the Rallye des Cimes (everywhere it remains possible). There is no time keeping.
      The car needs not to be modified. You need only good all-terrain tires, a fire extinguisher, straps and side plates to put your ‘racing’ number on. We do have scruteneerings.
      You will have to wait until next year’s event now, though.